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Tin Plating

Excellent conductivity, resistance to corrosion and easy to solder

Why use tin plating?
Tin plating has a long and distinguished history, and is still used for kitchen and domestic tableware and food processing items. Since tin plate is heat sensitive it is also used in fire fighting equipment, and its ease of soldering makes it ideal for electrical and electronic components.

How does tin plating work?
Our tin plating process results in a bright attractive finish perfect for electrical uses. Bright tin plating is a straightforward process that is highly cost-effective for small items plated in high volume in the barrel system. Our tin plating process is also lead-free, making it safer for you, our workers and the environment. For electronic items, a copper additive is used to stop 'whiskering' of items in storage. For brass items, a thin pre-plating coating of copper or tin may be added to improve adhesion of solder.

Choose your tin plating thickness
Our tin plating process can create standard plating thicknesses of between 5µm and 30µm but thicker coatings are available on request for extra corrosive protection.

Tin plating technical details
Specifications include:

For competitively priced tin plating services, completed by our experienced team in our own works, call us now on 01962 733199.