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Bright Nickel Plating

Perfect for decorative finishes, with good corrosion resistance

Why use bright nickel plating?
Nickel plating is highly versatile. Use it as a base for trivalent chrome, or on steel to give the look of stainless steel. Nickel plating provides the perfect base for other electroplating finishes to increase overall brightness. Use it as a final finish and the result is a decorative, corrosion-resistant finish, which also offers good conductivity. It is also much more cost-effective than silver or chrome.

How does bright nickel plating work?
Standard nickel plating is an electrolytic process, where your components are dipped in a tank full of solution and an electrical current applied to cause the nickel ions in the solution to deposit on your item.

Preparation of components
The base material should be clean and free of dirt, corrosion, scratches, pitting or others defects. Masking may be used to keep certain areas free of plating if required.

Bright nickel plating technical details
Specifications include:

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