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Sulphuric Anodising

Attractive, scratch and corrosion resistant coatings for aluminium

Why use sulphuric anodising?
Sulphuric anodising gives aluminium a tough coating that resists both scratching and corrosion. The coating can then be left natural, or dyed into a rainbow of colours, and you can choose from a matt or satin finish. Anodised aluminium has an electrically insulated finish that can be sealed for longer life, or left unsealed for later painting or gluing.

How does sulphuric anodising work?
Anodising is not a plating process; instead, the surface of your component is transformed by an electrolytic conversion from aluminium to aluminium oxide. (The process is simply a measured, controllable and rapid version of what would happen naturally over time to aluminium exposed to oxygen in the air.) The resulting film of aluminium oxide can be dyed in various colours, is resistant to salt spray, HTP, explosives and propellants, but will be vulnerable to certain acids and alkalines.

Choose your sulphuric anodising colours
The anodised film looks superb in its original natural 'clear' state, but even better when dyed with colour! Our standard anodising colours are black, red, blue, gold, purple and green, but custom colours can be created if required. Since the film is porous by nature, many clients choose to seal their components to ensure the colours are light-fast. Unsealed anodised items provide a good base for later painting. Do bear in mind, however, that the anodised layer will not hide any surface blemishes or imperfections in the original item.

Choose your sulphuric anodising thickness
Both clear and colour anodised films created by sulphuric anodising lie below and above the surface in a 50/50 proportion, so items only increase in size by half the requested coating thickness. For a natural finish, choose a coating thickness of between 5µm and 15µm, whilst anodised colours should be between 10µm and 25µm. The film of aluminium oxide is harder than the original aluminium beneath, and is resistant to scratches and abrasion.

Sulphuric anodising technical details
Specifications include:

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